Speak Text Volume

The Play Sound action has a volume setting. How do I set the volume for the Speak Text action?

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Wondering the same today– And if, same as the play sound action, it could be set to speak out of a specific audio output.

Toss a volume setting in front of the text you want to hear:



Thank you! Had no idea that was a thing.

Rock n roll!!!! Thank you!

Thank you @mrpasini
This is great and I have used several times since you posted this solution. (I nearly always want these spoken alerts to be much quieter than the default to not blast out to the room that I have say, "disabled snap to point" in Illustrator.

But as this is such a useful function and as the solution is slightly obscure, I wonder if Peter @peternlewis might consider adding a sound volume setting in the Speak Text Action (like already exists in the Play Sound Action) as @mikewolf1127 mentioned in the initial post?



Volume setting is done in the action for the next major version. There does not seem to be an obvious way to specify the device output.


Wonderful :grinning:

Hey Peter, I've noticed a lot of your comments lately have mentioned new features in the next major version. Is there a page where you have those all listed? I can't for the life of me remember what they are all but I do know the ones I've seen have sounded like they will be very useful.

Nope. And I'd rather there wasn't a list (I would probably stop posting them if there was).

They are designed as teasers for the few folks who are on the forum (remember that the forum users are a tiny proportion of Keyboard Maestro users).

But I generally prefer the list of new features to be largely a reveal on release.

So enjoy the teasers now, and look forward to the full list when it is eventually released.


Fair enough! I'm definitely looking forward to the next release. Thanks!

Thank you! This helped me out. I wish it was a little more obvious and built out like the Play Sound is.
@peternlewis Peter perhaps for a future version?

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