Speak the Name of Any Keypress

Most things I want to do in K/M I can figure out but this has me stumped. On the surface it seems elementary.
With limited ability to keep track of what my fingers are doing, I would find it very helpful if my Mac would simply call out the name of any key pushed. Is this something I can do in K/M?


Like many things it is only simple if you know the way to do it...
speak any key Macro (v9.2)

speak any key Macro (v9.2)

speak any key.kmmacros (3.1 KB)

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Thank you so much, Joseki.

I understand, "Speak %triggervalue%"

But I don't see how it is triggered. I am puzzled by the period under "This string is typed" and by there being no check mark for the "Triggered by any of the following".


I uploaded it not activated to avoid any unintended activation. You have to check the box...and know how to deactivate the macro if you don't want it to run at each keystroke forever :slight_smile:

The macro is triggered by a typed string.
The trick here is to trigger it by any key....so we do a regular expression match.
In regular expressions the dot stands for "any character (except line terminators" so it will work whatever the key you type.

hope it is clear.

Perfect. Thanks. It all makes sense and works like a charm.

First time I have run into regular expressions.