Start Local Jekyll Server and Open Safari Macro

Start local Jekyll server and open Safari Macro

No matter how hard I try, "bundle exec jekyll serve" are the 4 English words I cannot remember in the proper order, so I made this macro, that CDs to my site folder, launch the Jekyll local server and, after a few second, open the local address in Safari.

Hope it's useful!

Start local Jekyll server and open Safari.kmmacros (2,1 KB)

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Hey Cesare,

If you're running that in the Terminal then you might as well consolidate it some:

cd path/to/my/jekyll/website/folder; bundle exec jekyll serve; sleep 10; open -a Safari

Note – you don't wan't a pipe after the first command – you want a command terminator (semi-colon).


Thank you! It makes perfectly sense to do everything in Terminal. I'm not sure about the difference between pipe and semicolon, but I'll Google it. Thanks again!