Starting Palette Action Unreliable


when I open a palette and click on a macro, the palette closes but the macro is not triggered. Sometimes it works but mostly not. This happens in all palettes, this is just an example (they are all configured the same):

Please upload the Macro that seems to not be working as expected.

You can also try using the interactive tool in the KM Editor menu Help > Assistance to help diagnose the issue.


The Assistance did not solve the problem.

It's not only one macro that does not work. All macros can not be triggered with the palettes. The macros can be triggered with other triggers. I think it's more a palette problem than a macro problem. And the problem does not occur always, sometimes they work, sometimes not.

If you have a macro triggering at high speed (eg triggering every second or such), that will count as “one action” and close the palette (at least until v9 changes that behaviour).