STILL STUMPED: Problem with "Bring Window to Front"

I have a simple routine (see screenshot) that I have been using forever. I just had to save the Chrome window in the last step with a new name and suddenly the last step (Bring Window to Front) doesn't work...the cursor never leaves the AlchemCharts window.

I found a workaround of adding a mouse click in the Coda window, but I'd sure like to know why "Bring Window(s) to Front" doesn't work...

Many thanks for any help you can offer!


Blue means you might have entered some search string that found in that action

Thanks for the heads-up on the blue just have to figure out the bigger problem!

I have experienced same behaviour numerous of times and I've stopped trying out to find what's wrong, I just simply do activate window instead of bring to front, maybe try this instead and it would work out?

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Hey Gregg,

Does the window title really contain "!Coda"?

Try changing Google Chrome in the action to something else and then changing it back again.


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Thanks for the suggestion...but this didn't seem to work either.

Thanks @ccstone ... that worked! Buy why???

Once and a while apps selected in Keyboard Maestro can break.

This usually is because of some action the user took, like moving the app or installing a second version on their system somewhere.

Keyboard Maestro usually handles such things with aplomb, but every so often user intervention is required to fix an issue.

When you have a macro that's not working you always want to check the activation chain.

  • Macro is enabled.
  • Macro group is enabled.
  • The correct app is being referenced.


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