Stream Deck Macro - KM not recognizing button push when creating Trigger

I've been using stream deck with the official KM plugin for awhile and it's really fantastic. But lately I've been having a strange problem.

When I create a new macro, and I select the trigger "USB Device Key Trigger". When the device key box is blue, I press the appropriate Stream Deck Key, and instead of getting something like "R2C1", I get try again. This keeps happening over and over, until eventually I'll get something like "Stream Deck #13", but that doesn't seem to regularly work.

FYI, I'm seeing this no matter which key on the stream deck I'm pressing.

Anyone see this happen before? Not sure what to fix or reinstall?


I just ran into this same issue while trying to add some new Stream Deck triggers. I'll try to do some troubleshooting this week and see if I can provide more information.

I just upgraded to the StreamDeck XL (sale on amazon), and I'm having the same issue.

Here'a a quick video, in case I'm not explaining the problem. I have stream deck open on the left, and you can see the KM plugin for row 2 column 7. In keyboard maestro, I'm trying to create a USB Device Key trigger by constantly pressing the button on row 2, column 7. (I can't show the button pressing in the video.)

I'm hoping that by seeing the video, someone notices something stupid that I'm doing wrong!


I run into this problem all the time and just keep trying and switching focus between apps and pages on the stream deck and whether the virtual row and virtual column for the button are explicitly set and eventually the button sticks. But there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it and it's maddening whenever it happens.

The latest fix -- disconnecting the Stream Deck from USB and then plugging it back in allowed the keypress to be identified.

I haven’t had this particular problem, but 99% of problems I’ve ever had with either Stream Deck or Keyboard Maestro have been resolved by restarting the SD software, and the KM Engine respectively.

Agreed. I actually created a KM macro that is a "Quit and Relaunch" action for the Stream Deck App.

(for some reason, the macro then waits 5 seconds and types the keystroke ⌘W. I don't remember why.)

I hate that I needed to workaround a bug like this, but it did make my life less frustrating! if I understand right you want a KM macro to be triggered by a SD button?

I do that pretty successfully by just using a URL action on the button.


Would that work?