Stream Deck Multiple Tap Function

Is there any way to use teo different trigger for “tap one” and “tap twice” for a usb device input trigger.

If I use both always is triggered the “tap onceº macro


Keyboard Maestro cannot see the future, so it cannot tell after you tap once, whether you will or will not tap a second time.

the only way to do this would be for the first tap once trigger to wait and see what happens later and only trigger if the tap twice does not happen. You can do this yourself, something like:

Tapped Once:

  • Set variable Tapped Twice Fired to 0
  • Pause long enough to be confident you have not tapped twice (3 times the double click interval)
  • If variable Tapped Twice Fired is 0
    • Do stuff

Tapped Twice:

  • Set variable Tapped Twice Fired to 1
  • Do stuff
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Ok Peter! Finally your workaround is quite simple and sure will work quite good. How many times you think is needed to pause? 0.2s ? Less, more? What do tou think about?

Only one thing: when you write “set macro” you wanted to say “set variable” right?

There is no fixed answer because the time is based on the double click interval which is a system preference (a function to return the system double click interval is on the todo list, but not done yet).

Yes. I'll fix that.

I set pause time to 0.3s and works fine THANKS!