String triggers don't work in KM input alerts

I have a number of text expanding macros with string triggers. For example, typing “\mac” with trigger a replacement of “Macintosh”. The text expanders are available to all apps.

When I call any unrelated macro that prompts for user input, the text expanding macros don’t work in KM’s user input field.

Is this because KM will only execute one macro at a time? Is there a way I can make this work?

No. You can execute/trigger as many macros at once as you like.

It is due to a restriction that KM has, that prevents the trigger by typed string while in a KM Prompt action. You could assign the macro a hot key, which can be triggered anywhere.

Hey @anamorph,

This is one of several reasons I use Typinator instead of Keyboard Maestro for most of my text expansions.