Stuck on a shell script

Hi folks-

I'm stuck trying to send UDP commands to a local server- for driving a piece of A/V gear. This works perfectly in Terminal but fails without any feedback in KBM:

echo -e 'BANK-DOWN 1 2' | /usr/bin/nc -u -w1 51235 

Suggestions appreciated.

Errors aren't included in the shell script action's results be default. Did you configure the action to include them? That might at least give you some feedback to work with.

You might also want to make sure your KM environment path variable is configured to accommodate your /usr/bin/nc folder:

Thanks for the info! I finally figured it out, removing the -e after echo did the trick:

echo 'BANK-DOWN 1 2' | /usr/bin/nc -u -w1 51235

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