Substitute Cmd-Double-Click for Double-Click to open folder in finder

This has probably been answered, but I could not find it. Since Mavericks, I cannot set a folder to open separately when double-clicked. Now, the new folder window opens and the originating folder closes. Can anyone suggest a way to map a double-click on a folder to act as a Command-Double-Click?

Hey There,

I just use Cmd-Ctrl-O.


Thanks, but how can I set Cmd-Ctrl-O to be triggered by a double-click when pointing at a folder in the finder?


You can trigger a macro with a click of the mouse button using the USB Device Key Trigger. In 7.0, you will even be able to trigger it on a double click. However, that will not stop the normal effect of the button press, nor will you be able to tell whether you are pointing at a folder or double clicking a word while renaming a file.

So there is no realistic way to do this using Keyboard Maestro (or probably anything else). You will need to use a different trigger.