Suggestion: Find Image on Screen and Array Possibilities

Currently, if the image is not unique and Must be unique is unchecked, then the top left image seems to be the one returned. This seems to make waste of a perfectly good opportunity.

Example Usage: Opening each button with the same name in a web browser in a new tab. My current workaround for this involved manually measuring the distance between each occurrence of the button and always clicking six times:

I think adding more support for arrays in general, both in Actions returning arrays as well as arrays being able to store strings, would increase the potential of Keyboard Maestro more than any other single change.

Anyway, Keyboard Maestro is so wonderfully fun to use, it feels like programming + magic. Thanks for everything!

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The ability to find all matching images on the screen (probably via a For Each collection) is on the todo list.

Also, support for arrays and dictionary/hashes is definitely on the todo list. It’s a tricky subject as the UI is not entirely clear to me, but hopefully I will figure something nice out.

If you have any specific ideas, or anything further to elaborate on the “Actions returning arrays” front, I would be happy to hear them, either here or via email.