Suggestion for an expansion arrow in the Find Image action (and conditions)

Only 10% of my ideas are worth implementing, but here's one for consideration.

Some actions allow you to hide part of their body, generally to save space. For example the IF action allows you to compress either the THEN or the ELSE section.

I would like to see the image in the Find Image statement (or condition) to be hideable. The reason is that sometimes the image in the action finds itself on the screen (i.e., when my KM editor is open and visible) resulting in faulty results.

Typically my solution to this is to move the KM editor half way off screen so that it doesn't interfere with itself by seeing the images in its own window. Not a very nice solution.

My suggestion is to put a little triangle to hide and unhide the image, and it should probably go between the fuzz slider and the image itself. My artwork is poor, but it might look like this: (clicking on the arrow would make the image disappear).

I expect that only a few people use Find Image as much as I do and thus wouldn't benefit nearly as much as me. I don't expect KM to change just for me. But it's my right to ask.

Some of you will say "just minimize the action". But this doesn't help me because I need to see as much of the action as possible while I'm debugging it, such as the X/Y/W/H area values. The only thing I don't want to see is the image itself.

This might actually be moot depending upon the new image handling in v9, but since I'm not privy to v9 I thought I should mention it here.