Suggestion for Setting Dictionary Values

Currently, as far as I can tell, there are 2 way to create dictionaries and their key/value pairs. Create each key/value pair (green actions in my screenshot), from JSON text (orange).

The individual actions take up a lot of space. The JSON is nicely compact but you have to be careful to format your JSON correctly.

I'd like the suggest replacing the Set dictionary action to have a UI more like the "Prompt for User Input" action (purple example in my screenshot). Dictionary at the top then +/- buttons for adding multiple keys. Not quite as compact as the JSON method but pretty good once you eliminate the Prompt and Buttons sections. I also think it's easier to read than the JSON method.


Outstanding suggestion::exclamation:

@peternlewis, please give this high consideration. It would almost be enough to modivate me to actually use Dictionaries in KM.


Superstar level Suggestion @kvanh. Kudos.