Suggestion: search and replace actions


It would be nice to have the ability to search and replace actions within macros. That way we could quickly update / delete actions.

Example 1:
search for "Click Google Chrome Link with text Order Number"
Replace with “Execute Javascript action with content " $(’#order_id’).click();”

Example 2:
Search for "Pause for 0.5 Seconds"
Replace with “”
(this would remove all “Pause for 0.5 Seconds” actions from the macro.

I think it would be really useful.



Its an interesting idea, but I really don’t think that will ever happen.

More likely would be for me to develop a “Keyboard Maestro Script” language that lets you execute actions in some sort of a scripting language. But honestly, I’m dubious that will ever happen either, since a lot of Keyboard Maestro’s value comes from the GUI of the action editors.

Could this be done with AppleScript?

No because you can’t insert actions on keyboard maestro via applescript unfortunately.

Well, from AppleScript you can execute an action based on its XML.

Writing in XML is not much fun, but in theory, you could “compile” a script to a sequence of XML actions, and then execute them via AppleScript.

Being able to search actions would be super helpful. Lots of times I leave comments for myself etc, but coming back to update a macro months or weeks later, I have to dig through a bunch of levels of “Repeat 1x” action groups to try and find what I’m looking for.

But I understand every single feature request can’t be implemented. Probably at some point it makes more sense for the nerdiest of us to just get into writing Applescripts so KM can keep focussed on being an approachable automation tool for non-programmers… amiright?

Btw Peter, I see your tweets the odd time I look at twitter, but is there some place where you share what you have been working on lately? Curious if you have been mostly working on KM or if you have other projects in the pipeline :slight_smile:

Being able to search to find actions within a macro is on the plan for 7.0 (but the plan is always subject to change). As is a Group action that obviates the need of a Repeat 1 Time action.

And no, no one (well, except @ccstone perhaps!) should have to write AppleScripts. But its never going to be possible (or even sensible) for me to implement everything. I try to be upfront about what is more or less likely to happen, but plans change and sometimes I am convinced to do things I said I wouldn’t, or discover things I said I wanted to are not going to work out, so I generally don’t commit to anything unless its already done, and even then usually not until its released.

I am working full time on Keyboard Maestro, I have no other projects in the pipeline (and I can’t keep up with the work on Keyboard Maestro so I can’t see that changing!). I am, as a skunkworks project at night working on an attempt to update Greebles, but don’t that’s really just an amusement which probably will never come to fruition.

Good stuff to hear Peter. As always, thanks for going above and beyond to
pamper your users in the forums! Lots of gems in here.