SUGGESTION: Tags for Macros So They Can Be Searched With a Smart Group

I was looking through all my macros and realized there were some good macros I made that I tend to forget about. So I thought it would be nice if we could tag the macros with something like “Don’t Forget” and then use a smart group to gather all the macros with the tag into one group. There may be a way to do this already but I thought this could be a very useful addition.

  • Kevin

You could simply add a Comment action with “dontforget” in the text, and then use a smart group that searches for “dontforget”.

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Ah very nice! That’ll do!

Is there a way to search with a ‘not’ operator?


“active” but not “library”

AFAIK, there is not. :wink:

But that's a great idea!

@peternlewis: what do you think about adding a NOT operator to the Search Strings syntax? To be very user friendly, you could allow for any of the following:
NOT ThisWordNotInMacro

Of course, it should work with the Qualifiers:

Thanks for considering.

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Thanks for the idea, I like it.

Perhaps another way to improve searches could be to combine search strings themselves with an AND operator.

At the top of every smart group it says:
"Matches _any_ of these search strings:"

We could make that “any” into a toggle button that switches between “any” and “all”.


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This is done for the next version.