Support for markup in Action "Send Mail Message"? Bold, italics, (predefined, static) hyperlink, etc

I'd like to pre-define a email message with Action "Send Mail Message". It doesn't currently seem possible to put markup in such a message (Keyboard Maestro 10.2, latest release).

Any hope for this one?

Mail's limitations make this very difficult -- especially since you are composing the email in RTF, which it then converts to HTML on sending.

The best I've come up with is pre-composed raw RTF code that you can search-and-replace with KM action's, similar to how you would do a mail merge, that you then convert back to RTF and paste into the message body. Example macro:

Test Mail Macro.kmmacros (11.0 KB)


Another method I've heard of, but haven't used myself, is to write your HTML out to file, open that file in Safari, then ⌘I to transfer the HTML to a new Mail message. Might be worth a try?

Wow. Thank you.

In this case, the formatting is not absolutely critical.

But I did notice that Automator can mark up the email. So maybe I'll keep it simple by doing the email with an Automator workflow called by a Keyboard Maestro macro. Maybe.

The cc bit is misleading. So far creating the message with rich-text is about as far as it goes.

Unfortunately this script cannot be run directly from Keyboard Maestro, because it's AppleScriptObjC running the Share UI on the Main Thread – and KM chokes on some of these.

I can run the script just fine with FastScripts, and it should be possible to write an AppleScript applet that can be driven by KM and fed the HTML string you want to convert to a Rich Text message.

I have keyboard shortcuts for my various email addresses and signatures defined in the System Keyboard Preferences, so I can automate setting those without too much trouble.

I've got a query going to see if more email options can be set in the script itself, but I've asked before and not gotten an answer. We'll see...

In any case – the script is relatively easy to adapt for use.

Shane just got back to me on the AppleScriptObjC solution.

Unfortunately what you see is what you get – other automation will have to be accomplished via cruder methods.

But at least you can compose the email with styled text.