Switch Audio output when Microphone is connected through Headphone Jack

Hey there,

For voice recording I use the rode smarlav+ microphone for my mac. I connect it through the Headphone Jack, which works fine.

However, it is then regarded as the sound input and output source, but it is not actually shown as the output source in the preferences.

Say I listen to music on my Mac with my AirPods and then plugin the Rode smartlav mic, my AirPods then no longer play music until I detach the smartlav. Since it is only a microphone and not a headset, I can’t hear anything as soon as it is plugged in.

So I wanted to setup a Macro that fires off as soon as I plug in the rode microphone through the headphone jack on the mac. Then it changes the audio output to either my AirPods or Beats studios. I use both with my Mac, sometime the Beats, sometimes the AirPods. Ideally, the macro would recognise whichever output source is connected (it’s always either AirPods or the Beats) and then, after the smartlav+ is connected, would re-enable the last output source.

I use ToothFairy, so I can connect my AirPods or Beats with a keystroke, which should help.

Any ideas how this might work?

Hi Tim,

As of KM 8 you can indeed have a macro be triggered when the audio output changes, so this should definitely be possible. I think the easiest way to do this may be by first installing SwitchAudioSource; I’ve used this myself in a macro that automatically restores my Mac’s audio output to the built-in option when plugging in a DualShock 4, which also grabs the audio by default even though I don’t want it to. I’d suggest taking a look at this thread, especially the post I linked to, and see if you can’t figure out how to make it all work for your own ends. If you get stuck, feel free to post again and we can offer more specific help.

Hey TimG,

I have exact same problem... and Googled this solution thread :).
How did you solve it eventually?