Switch desktops and multo monitors

I can’t find a way to have Mission control used with a KM macro? I have two monitors, left in vertical, right in horizontal. I open several apps in the left vertical screen (Mail, Firefox, nvALT) and I want each one to open on it’s own unique desktop (not hiding another app when it opens)

As it is now I can Cntrl-left or right arrow to get a clear Mission Control desktop and then launch the macro. What I would like to know is, can I build this into the macro? I would need to get the name of a mission control desktop space and then assign each app launch to open on that space and of course, bring that space to front.

I don’t see any matched in the KM editor for “mission” anything.

Any thoughts on this?


Hey @levelbest,

Search the board for “mission control”.

You’ll find out why KM doesn’t support it.


Not as clear to me as you suggest? I think the system (Mavericks) assigns them random numbers but once assigned so long as I don’t keep adding desktops those random numbers should remain the same.

Hey @levelbest

I beg your pardon. The discussion was about Spaces rather than Mission Control.

Keyboard Maestro does not support Mission Control in any way, because Apple provides no public API for it.

The only interaction possible is through assigning keyboard shortcuts to Mission Control actions and driving them with Keyboard Maestro.