Sync and different versions of KM

I’ve been holding out on upgrading to KM 11 because the large iMac I use at work cannot run later versions of Mac OS. However my recent purchase of a new Apple Silicon machine at home (and time running out on the upgrade deal) spurred me on to upgrade today.

Currently I keep my macros synced. Should I turn that off while my work computer runs 10 and my home computer 11?

And … just curious, mind, if I don’t, what can happen?

Thanks and happy holidays to everyone on one of my favourite forums ever!


Read the sync manual: manual:Macro Syncing [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

And take note of the 3rd paragraph:

"NOTE: You can only sync between identical versions of Keyboard Maestro. If the sync file is newer than the current version, you will be warned to upgrade, turn off syncing, or live dangerously (which temporarily disables syncing and allows you to make changes that will likely cause trouble later)."

I don't use the sync facility so that's all I can tell you :wink:

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Ah yes, “RTFM”. I have to admit I only did a cursory search which I guess is better than none, but not good enough. :expressionless:

Thanks for the assist, tiff.

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