Sync iPod in Car When I Arrive Home?

I keep my iPod in my car and would like it to sync to my iMac as soon as I get home since my music playlists always changing. I know, technically, it's supposed to do this when it is plugged in (it always is in the car via usb) and connected to WiFi (it does connect in my wifi while in the garage) but it rarely does syncs. I would like to figure a way to force it sync automatically each time it connects to home wifi.

btw, my car has a feature that the radio maintains power 8 minutes after I shut off the engine. That should be plenty of time to sync.

Things I have considered using:
KM, of course

Any suggestions or starting points are welcome.

if you plug it to a Mac using a USB,
then open it in Finder,
is everything related to Sync turned on?

Yes, I made sure. Thanks for asking. :slight_smile: