Team Communication Macro (needs to include some intelligent AI)

Hey there, I've started playing with KM and have found it to be a very powerful macro tool. What I'm hoping to have it do is help me and my alliance as we prepare for Kingdom vs Kingdom events in a popular android game. My challenge:

In these events we need to get communicated messages out to a number of players in a specific zone within the game map. As it stands, we have to manually click through each person on the map and then paste the message so they know what to do during the Kingdom vs Kingdom battle. It takes hours of jamming away on my tablet, and is something I would love to setup as a macro.

Currently, to access the game I use an Android emulator called BlueStacks. This software allows the game to be played on the computer as opposed to my tablet.

Within the game there is a map. The map is an x,y coordinate based map and starts at 1,1 and runs to 510,1012. Within this map, the players may occupy a single tile and will have a base there. Not every tile has a base.

This is my problem. I need to know if KM can be intuitive to help me identify which tiles have a base, as opposed to a 'resource' tile or an 'empty' tile. AND, can I have it go from X,Y to XX,YY (i.e from 100,100 to 250,250) scrolling through the game (click and drag is the way to engage with Bluestacks) so that I can automate my responsibility to inform my part of the Kingdom of our battle plans?

Note: Once I can identify that a player occupies a tile, its an easy set of mouse click positions in order to then get to the spot, followed by some input text sections, to type out our message for the Kingdom vs Kingdom event. This much I think I have figured out? Or atleast, I can record it...

I have posted a picture of what the game map looks like. Farms are "resource" tiles while the base with the name "Empire" is a player.

This would be challenging.

You might be able to use Pixel colors to detect the various states, depending on how consistent it is and how much variation and other things happen. Or you might be able to use Image matches. But it certainly would not be easy.

This would also be tricky. You might be able to click and drag. It’s not clear that this would be accurate enough, but it might be possible.