Text Expansion Macro – Simulated Deletes Not Completing

Anyone else have problems with the simulated deletes not deleting all the shortcut ?

I use a comma followed by three or four letters to trigger Keyboard Maestro to name files before saving. Sometimes KM deletes everything before filling in the filename and other times, KM leaves the comma that I start with.

This creates a problem as I then use Hazel to key off file names to move documents. I have a work around by changing what Hazel is looking for but I still end up with file names that sometimes start with a comma left over from my KM shortcut.

Doesn't happen all the time. I want to think it has to do with how quickly I type in the KM shortcut but I'm not sure if this is valid or just me thinking that. Have tried to test it but have been unable to consistently do anything that causes the comma to remain after the KM action is completed.

Any thoughts ?

I’ve never heard of this before, but I guess that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

I wonder, though, if there might be some other issue at play here. You mentioned a comma followed by 3 or 4 letters as the trigger - is it possible one of these interferes with another one? Just a thought.

I've had this same problem intermittently on simple "insert by pasting" macros, and can't track down the culprit. It seems quite random when it happens...

Can confirm this I occasionally happens to me too. Seems to be dependent on how many other processes my CPU is handling at the time. But that’s just based on a cursory glance at my iStats menu icons when the issue occurs.