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Hi, KM9.04, MacOS 10.12.6. I programmed a bunch of text strings that I use from macro key commands. There are a couple of dozen of them, similar, such as "type date with hyphens", "type email address", etc. They all work, but they wipe out the regular OS copy/paste register. In other words if I have something that I've highlighted in one document, and then copy, and then type the macro, then what I had copied into the register is no longer there. Have to go back and get it. [Example workflow: receive info in email, highlight and copy it, switch to database, print date and then paste text. But the text is gone, it just prints the date again.] I posted this before, and got complicated answers about using multiple clipboards etc. But isn't there a way I could easily change these macros so that they will work as type strings rather than as something that involves the copy/paste register? I'd rather jump through fewer hoops if possible. Thanks in advance.

Most likely one simple Action at the end of your Macro will restore the System Clipboard to its state before the Macro ran:

Delete Past Clipboard action


The KM Clipboard History Switcher (manager) uses a zero-based numbering system.
So, Clipboard #0 is actually the current System Clipboard,
Once you delete it, then the System Clipboard will become the prior Clipboard, which is your copy before the Macro.

Make sense?

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Seems to work nicely, thank you!