The joys, and endless black hole of KM, tools, and tweaking

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I started a new thread . @MitchellModel, you’re tagged also,

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@nikivi - Agree 100%. I could have written what you said, except I don’t have a laptop (well, I do, but it’s my wife’s).

I love Atom, of course, for editing JXA and HTML code. But my other joy is making music videos using Final Cut Pro X. I got sucked into KM because I made some macros to help automate some workflow in FCPX, and it grew from there.

If you’re interested, here’s a video:

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Actually, this is the other topic I was talking about. What you’re suggesting is something else.

If you really wanted to start the topic you’re talking about, you could do some searching of this forum first, for some of the stuff already posted.

Launchbar. I use it all the time.


If you are serious and want to spend the time on this, then you could create your own wiki and invite others to contribute.

In the meantime, both @nikivi and @tom have posted somewhere in this forum links to Mac apps they consider essential:

Feel free to create your list of essential Mac apps/tool on your web site/GitHub, and add the link here.