'This string is typed' Trigger Inconsistent Within a 'Comment' Action

I've noticed that macros with the This string is typed trigger do not always execute when the configured string is typed within a Comment action.

For example, with this simple macro...

YYYY-MM-DD (Insert Text By Pasting).kmmacros (1.7 KB)

I often observe behavior similar to this...

2023-10-20 22.51.27

Additional Information

  • When attempting to trigger such macros within a Comment action, the behavior is not necessarily repeatable. That is, it's not always the third attempt that fails.

  • Such macros seem to always trigger when using other applications that accept text (e.g., TextEdit).

  • I'm currently using: Keyboard Maestro 10.2, Sonoma beta 14.1 (23B5067a)/MacBookPro16,1; however, I've seen this anomaly with Ventura and other older version of macOS.

Curious, anyone else seeing this? @peternlewis, might you have some insight on this behavior?

Sure - because making a change to your macros is one of the things that resets the Typed String buffer.

So it'll only work if you can do it fast enough before Keyboard Maestro does a save in the middle of the characters. Generally I'd expect if you pauses for a few seconds for Keyboard Maestro to save, and then typed it quickly, that would get through. What you are seeing is the result of the save that is happening while you are typing because of the previous changes.


Ah, that would explain the inconsistency with the misfires. Thanks for the explanation, @peternlewis.

Does the Keyboard Maestro Editor provide any feedback during a save?

Can a save be initiated by a user?

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Yes, there is a small mark in the bottom right corner that shows when the editor is in need of a save.

No, it happens automatically within a few seconds.