Time repeating Macros; way to toggle on/off from Enabled to Disabled?

Just a couple months of using KM, trying to do a lot with timed (“Periodically while logged in”) triggers.

But its clear that I’m going to be able to now and then be able to turn these off, and I want to be able to do it easily/quickly.

So the question: is there a way to enable/disable a macro from the menubar icon? It seems like I can perform a manual, one-off triggering of the macro, but I want to be able to turn mine off (on) via the menubar.

Hey Russell,

If you put all of them in a specific group you can toggle the group on/off with an Activate/Deactivate Macro Group action in a macro, and of course you can use any of the available triggers – including a Status Menu trigger.


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You can also use the Enable/Disable Macro/Macro Group action.