To look behind a window

it’possible to create a simple macro that minimizes the current windows (just to look behind) and then, when a specific key is pressed, unminimize the window?
I have tried with the actions minimize, pause until and unminimize but i doesn’t work

thank you

I dig this idea! Quickly whipped up this macro:

Set Variable ‘Front Window Name’ to Text ‘%WindowName%1%’
Minimize Window Named ‘%Variable%Front Window Name%’
Pause Until Conditions Met (These modifiers are not pressed: ⇧)
Unminimize Window Named ‘%Variable%Front Window Name%’
Set Variable ‘Front Window Name’ to Text ‘%Delete%’

Make sure to have the ⇧ key down when executing this, as this is the modifier that determines how long the “peeking behind” should last. As soon as you release the ⇧ key, the window unminimizes.

I called this macro “Peek Behind” and gave it the Hot Key trigger: ⇧⌘F11

Hey Enrico,

You said windows rather than window. Can you be more specific?

If indeed you're wanting to minimize just the front window Zettt has you covered.

I have a little different take. This macro switches the two frontmost windows, and I use it a great deal.


Window » Switch Window 1 and Window 2.kmmacros (1.9 KB)

Thanks Chris, couldn’t get it to work at first. So changed the hot keys and that fixed it. Very useful.

Hi Zettt, I appreciate you sharing this action, but it would be easier to follow if you upload a screenshot instead. Sometimes the written explanation is not quite clear for each step. Thanks.

Hi @Bakari45, did that already. Posted and shared everything here:

Oh thanks, I figured it out. But it would have been a little easier if I had the screen shot. It took me a bit to find the “Minimize Window Named ‘%Variable%Front Window Name%’”. It didn’t come up in the search. Appreciate your macro. Great job. thanks.

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