Toggle _Triggers_? Want to be able to turn off single-key triggers, but keep macros active

Is it possible to toggle macro triggers individually or by group?

I do several repetitive tasks, regularly, many of which I have written KMacros for. To some of these I have added single-key triggers in order to speed my work. Because I don’t want these single-key triggers always active (even restricted to an application, as most of my macros are), I have put macros triggered by them in separate groups (by application), and assigned a key-chord to enable/disable each group.

This works well for me: prepare for repetitive processing, enable the apposite single-key macros, process, disable, move on.

The problem I am now trying to resolve is that often I want the macros available by a key-chord trigger rather than a single-key trigger whenever the application in which I use them is running. This allows me to use the macros ad hoc in addition to when I am purposefully processing a batch.

I do not want the single-key triggers always active.

One solution is to duplicate the macros, replace the single-key triggers with key-chord triggers, and put the duplicates in another group which is always activated. Duplicates in general should be shunned — in this case it means every time I update one of these macros or write a new one I need to administer the duplicate as well. I know I will make a mess of that.

Any recommendations?


One solution is perhaps to define a macro in a unique place and use “Execute a Macro” as many time you need in every context you need?
HTH, Alain


Smart! Yes, that (create individual macros that execute the “mother” macro, assign single-key triggers, group them, and enable/disable the group(s)) will work (afaict). Very helpful. Thank you :blush: .