Tough one: Dont Restore mouse position if macro is called from within another macro?

I have a macro "a" that has "Restore mouse location" enabled
all good.

But, I'd like to call this macro "a" as part of another macro "b", but, with the caveat that in this macro "b" I don't need the Restore mouse location.

Is that possible?

Or am I better duplicating macro "a" to "a-no restore mouse", and call it a day.


Try Peter's solution of using the Execute Macro action in your second case with a trigger parameter (different from the trigger in the original) and just use an If action to skip the action in the original if the trigger is from the Execute Macro action.

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I’ve found the following:

If macro-a calls submacro macro-b the following is true:

  1. In each of the two macros, the %ExecutingMacro% token returns “macro-a”
  2. In each of the two macros, the %ExecutingThisMacro% token returns “macro-a”, or “macro-b” depending on which macro the token is accessed from.

So in your case, if %ExecutingMacro% and %ExecutingThisMacro% are different in macro-b, you wouldn’t need to restore the cursor position. That’s a straightforward if action.

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Oops - got my A’s and B’s mixed up. The logic is the same though! (If you weren’t confused before...)

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Solved it:
odd enough just added a small pause and that was it :neutral_face:

thanks Tiffle and Mrpasini!