Tracing my Enter key usage

I recently blamed an Excel for Mac update for the fact that Enter no longer worked as an automatic paste in spreadsheets. Then I disabled the KM engine, and Enter works fine in Excel. I’m wondering what the most efficient way of determining where my conflict is. Obviously, Enter isn’t set as a hot key, but its being used by some macro apparently.

Select Help ➤ Assistance, and choose “Something unexpected is happening” and then follow the instructions.

Thanks for responding, Peter.

I did all of that to no avail. None of the recently used macros has
anything to do with the Enter key (and disabling them has no effect). I
noticed in Excel that when the KM engine is enabled, the copy process takes
a while. After command-c is pressed, the Paste icon remains dimmed for a
second or so. This made me think it might have something to do with the
clipboard history switcher, but I cleared that, and it had no effect. So I
then tried to copy using a mouse click instead of command-c. If I copy that
way, then Enter functions to paste in Excel, as normal. So it has something
to do with command-c. Of course, I don’t use command-c as a hotkey for any
of my macros. Any ideas?


I should add that I also disabled the Excel macro group, which had no effect, and I tried copying with control-c instead. This also doesn’t allow Enter to paste (with the engine running), but both command-c and control-c allow Enter to work when the engine is not running.

How does using the Enter key cause an automatic Paste? I’m sorry, I’m not familiar enough with Excel to know how that is supposed to work.

In Excel, after a cell (or a range of cells) is selected and copied, a
different cell can be selected (or moved to) and Enter will paste the
copied contents to the new cell or range. This can be done only once. For
example, if I wanted to copy cell B3 and paste that several times (into
several different cells), then I would have to use command-V multiple
times. But if I want to paste only once, then Enter works. The Enter key is
effectively the same (within Excel) as command-V followed by Escape.

The “only once” part is probably the problem.

Keyboard Maestro (or any other clipboard history application) reading the clipboard after it changes is probably “using up the once”.

I checked Excel, but you cannot simply exclude some Microsoft-specific flavor, even basic flavors cause the Enter-Paste to stop working.

Either exclude Keyboard Maestro’s clipboard history entirely from Microsoft Excel (and live with the possibility of losing important clipboards), or use Command-V instead of Enter to paste.

Thanks, but why is it that it has worked without a problem for all previous
versions of Excel?

Because they changed something in Excel and that breaks when the clipboard is read. You can report it to Microsoft as a regression if you can figure out how to do that - I don’t know if they are any more responsive than Apple…