Trigger a dialog that lets you enter a url?

Hey guys. I’m Stumped.

Sometimes I want to just enter a url from anywhere, but I can’t figure out how to trigger a dialogue that lets me enter one from anywhere.

I have it set where I can trigger search engine queries, and I’d think the setup would be similar but I’m stuck. Was hoping you guys could help shed some light on it?


Did you know you can enter URLs in the system Spotlight Search?

So, on my machine, if I type Cmd+Space, then “” and Enter, Google comes up in my browser.

This is probably easier than making a macro.

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Along with Dan’s suggestion of spotlight you could also:
1.) Use Launch Bar
2.) Use Alfred
3.) Use Keyboard Maestro to trigger a macro that opens a new browser window.

I didn’t know that! And yes it works!
Thank you Dan!

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Thanks Tunes! I see it works in Alfred as well as Spotlight!
I used to do it in Launchabar, but I uninstalled a few years ago when I got Alfred.

Richard, Anytime. Everyone tries to help out here.

I stopped using LaunchBar for a long time. There were a ton of features which I didn’t know about. There were also some which I didn’t fully understand the result I would get. On a random video search I happened to bump into a video by Dan Frakes. Watching it compelled me to dig deeper. There are some features that are easy to learn and once you learn them it opens up some very interesting and powerful options. For example sometimes I want to look up a word on a page and the dictionary doesn’t fire. I can select the word, send it to LaunchBar, then send it to the dictionary. There are many other examples of sending text (or code) to other places. It’s become my favorite again. Do a search on YouTube when you are just surfing and look a little deeper. There is one video I know of that compares Alfred and LaunchBar and you might find it enlightening.

Could you please share the link to this video?

EDIT: 2016-09-23 (Fri)

@Tunes posted a link to a link below, but to make it easy for all future readers, here is the direct link to the video:

Mac Productivity: Launchbar 6 vs. Alfred 2

No good. Big fail. :wink:

Now I mostly use KM. For almost everything.
I’m barely using Spotlight or Alfred.

I also abandoned Quicksilver (no need) and Better Touch Tool because it was very buggy (unusably) on both of my systems running El Capitan. I just got an email saying it is Sierra ready so I want to try it again for a few things (five finger tap for command-W mainly and possibly only)

The next place I want to explore is using KM with Midi. I’m a composer and sound designer and I have about a half dozen midi Controllers and it would be cool to set up one to be a permanent “assistant.” for all things music/sound design. I’ve tested KM with midi and it works perfectly. Now I just have to figure out exactly what to do. I’m considering using this one: Each button can be its own trigger, but I won’t have access to the colored lights.

Actually considering drawing on each little pad with a sharpie with a hint. :slight_smile:

If you have a spare controller, you might consider talking with @peternlewis and perhaps “lending” it to him. I’ve read other threads where people have said they wish KM would support sysex events and the like, but Peter doesn’t really know much about Midi, and he doesn’t really have any equipment to test with. I was thinking, with your experience, perhaps you could help him. I’ve used Midi devices plenty, and even performed with them, but it’s been a while and I don’t have any spare controllers.

Of course, if KM works fine for what you want to do, then no worries. Just a thought.

As for drawing on buttons, just make sure it doesn’t rub off on your fingers. :slight_smile:


You know I do.

One is tiny and would be easy to ship. But it’s nontraditional, a bit complex and confusing. Not a typical controller, the Keith McMillan QuNexus.

But I also have an M audio oxygen 49 mk3 that I don’t really need anymore that I’m just keeping for spare parts. It has a broken key, but other than that it works great.

M-Audio Oxygen 49 MK III 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller (OLD MODEL)

I personally never mess with sys ex. I only use midi cc and on/off which is what we currently have in km.

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Every button slider and Key should be able to trigger a unique macro I love that KM includes different midi channels so I can set one of these and it won’t interfere with my music.

I’m more than happy to help in anyway that I can. I do want to say that midi is quite confusing. For years I’ve wrestled with it and I still am confused in so many places, but my understanding is good enough where I understand the practical/useful basics and have been able to use it daily for years.

There is a course by Mac Pro video called “demystifying midi” that is exceptional. Midi is dry. Boring. The series Has humor and covers it all from basics to advanced. It’s an “all you can eat” subscription service that is similar to, except it is very music software focused. Also has video/design stuff. they often have free trials happening as well.

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I posted it in response to your question in the other thread. So you’ve already seen it. Link Here

Hey Dan that’s a distinct possibility. The other thing is I have a spare license I could send him for Presonus Studio One Pro v.1, which I am not using anymore (He can download a demo for the latest version but the older version would likely cover all the sysex commands so it would be pointless). For Pro Tools and Logic he could probably download demos. There are several Free offerings as well which are becoming very popular. That covers the software end.

As far as a controller I could probably figure out a way to get him something but he’d need to give me some guidance on what he thinks he could work with, size, and shipping it to him. (What I mean by size is; Can he use a compact controller). As far as sysex messages as you probably already know most keyboards can assign any controller message to any switch, button, pad, slider, key, potentiometer so it really doesn’t matter which controller he uses. Just offering the command set would suffice.


We have gotten a little off target. Thanks for the offers. When I get to the point of working on MIDI/OSC, if I need some testing or equipment, I will shout out. Much appreciated.