Trigger by Time No Longer Working on OS X 12.1 (21C52)?


Are trigger by time macros no longer working on Mac OS x 12.1 (21C52)?

Mine are no longer triggering...

They were working completely fine before I updated Mac OS X.

Also is 'caffeinate' still working with latest version on Mac OS X on Shell Script.

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I thought I saw a similar post recently, but I couldn't find it just now...

It seems unlikely.

And I just checked my 12.1 M1 Mac with a Time of Day trigger and it worked fine.

As always, the Mac does have to be awake for the trigger to fire.

Check the Engine.log file to verify whether the macro is triggering or not.

If it is not triggering, check that it is enabled, and that the macro group is enabled and active at the time it is meant to trigger.

The Interactive Help (Help menu), Something expected is not happening, might help.

  1. How do I check the Engine.log file?

  2. The macro and macro group is both enabled

Help menu, Open Logs Folder.

Also try the Help menu, Interactive Help, Something expected is not happening.

Followed this and everything looks fine for the macros - "Also try the Help menu, Interactive Help, Something expected is not happening."

Macros are not being triggered in the early hours of the morning while I am not at my desk. Could this be a Mac OS X energy savings issue preventing the macros from running?