Trigger for "Display Clipboard"

My macro has only one action, "Display System Clipboard". No trigger will activate it. What is wrong?

Another question is: Will this clipboard viewer be an open window unless I close it? I mean, will it be a "live clipboard viewer"?

Most likely your Macro is in a Macro Group that is NOT activated at the time. For this type of Macro, I'd put it in a Global Macro Group.

For more info, see Macro Activation .

Sorry. Macro's group is fully enabled. The macro could not be more simple. See the image.

That is showing that the macro is enabled. But is the group it is in also enabled?

Solved! The problem was the "Shows a palette when…". The difference between that and "Always activated" is not conspicuous.

Note that Keyboard Maestro is trying to point you in the right direction: