Trigger KM from event happening in other software

Hi, Im wondering if its possible to trigger KM from an event happening in another software? Basically I have a camera motion controller that is controlled by a simple software. The software sends signals to the controller to move via usb. It also sends a signal via USB to the controller to trigger the camera. Is it possible to catch this action somehow from the software and use it to trigger KM?

Any tips will be greatly appreciated! I could also be interested in compensating anyone who could figure this out.


Many apps that have a degree of automation or event monitoring (ambiguous terms on my part, but I mean in relation to extensibility) will often implement a basic URL action, i.e. when this happens, open that URL.

Keyboard Maestro macros can be triggered via the custom URL scheme kmtrigger://:


where the long alphanumeric string in the second form is the UUID of the macro, which remains unchanged throughout its lifetime, unlike the macro name, which is more likely to be altered on a whim.

Hi CJK, thank you for looking at this! How should one go about to figure out if an app has such possibilities?

This is the application in question is this one:


I'm afraid I am unable to tell or find out easily with this specific application. There's nothing overt on that page to indicate either way whether or not such an action can be triggered. Ordinarily, I would consider downloading the application to at least see if it's (Apple)scriptable (my guess would be that it's not), but it is a Java application, and I don't have the necessary SDKs installed to run Java applications.

If I owned the app myself, what I would start with is a thorough comb through of every preference option, which is basically what I attempt to do with any new application. I would also test if it's Applescriptable by running this line in Script Editor:

tell application "Finder" to get has scripting terminology of ¬
    (path to application "Name of Application")

If the FAQs dont provide any useful information, perhaps try contacting the makers of the application and asking them.

I'm sorry I'm not able to be more useful. My suggestion of the URL scheme as a trigger was a shot in the dark.