‘Trigger Macro by Name’ and ‘Show Palette’ action

There is something weird with the Show Palette action. Either I don’t get KM’s logic or it’s a bug:

I have a macro group Web Search. It is set to Always Activated.

Normally I call a macro in that group via Trigger Macro by Name. This works fine.

Now I wanted to have the possibility to temporarily keep the Web Search group as palette on screen.

The most logical thing was to create another macro Show Web Search Palette in the Global Macro group:

Show Web Search Palette
No triggers specified.
Will execute the following actions:
Show Macro Group ‘Web Search’

Ok. Now I can call the Web Search palette via Trigger Macro by Name. But I can no longer call any macro entry of the Web Search group via Trigger Macro by Name.

I can call an individual macro of the Web Search group via Trigger Macro by Name only while the group’s palette is open (but then I don’t need it, obviously :wink:

Sounds complicated now, but it isn’t…

I’d like to be able to either choose a Web Search entry from a static palette, or via the Trigger Macro by Name when the palette is not on screen. I noticed that with macros in the Global Macro Group this seems to work flawlessly.

So far I found two workarounds:

  • I can get rid of the Web Search palette with the Conceal Macro Palettes action. This way the macros continue to be functional. But this conceals all palettes… Not good.
  • I can set a periodical (1 minute or so) macro with an Activate Macro Group ‘Web Search’ action. This reactivates the macros after closing the palette. But this a very ugly workaround… (and it interferes with the dialog window).

Any ideas?