Trigger Macro Only If Not Editing Field

When I'm inside an app that has fields that can be edited, for example Apple Reminders, is it possible for KM to know if I'm editing a task?

For example, if I'm not adding or editing a task and hit SHIFT + 2, it will trigger a certain macro.
Now when I'm adding/editing a task and I press SHIFT + 2, it will type @ as it's supposed to.

Hope it makes sense.

No. The only workaround would be to see if any menu item is greyed out if you are editing a task or not editing a task and then use that as a condition in an If Then Action.

And on a general note - it's probably not a good idea to use SHIFT as a modifier key on its own. When you think about what shift is primarily there to do (to change from lower to uppercase when typing) it's bound to lead to conflicts and unexpected outcomes.

If you think about the normal use of Shift in Mac App shortcuts, it tends to be used to modify one shortcut to do a variation or reverse of that shortcut. For example, Command+Z to undo and Command+Shift+Z to redo. Or in Final Cut Pro, Command+V does a standard paste and Command+Shift+V allows you to paste just certain attributes. I think it's worth following these standard conventions when making your own hotkeys as it makes them much easier to remember.

This question has come up before when people want to use single letter hotkeys and the general advice is always to just not do it and pick a more robust hotkey for your Macro. Ideally a key combination that is not already being used for something by the App. For example, in Reminders Control+2 seems to be free (Reminders just makes a beep sound when Control+2 is pressed).