Trigger Streamdeck XL key?

Forgive the newbie question: with KM9 is it possible to trigger a specific key on Streamdeck XL?

I haven't ACTUALLY tested it on my XL yet but the way the stream deck plugin is set up it shouldn't be a problem with the XLs.

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Forgive the next newbie question... :slight_smile: How do you set up the StreamDeck plugin? Or is it already installed. I mean, when I add a USB device key trigger, and then push a button on the Streamdeck, nothing happens in the trigger window.

Okay, I see the Streamdeck plugin adds a Keyboard Maestro operation into the Streamdeck configuration interface. Here's what I'd like to do:

Have a macro that takes you up one level, i.e., up one level from within a Streamdeck folder to the next level up, then takes you into a different folder.

From what I can tell, you can't use keyboard maestro to affect the streamdeck beyond button-instances of the Keyboard Maestro plugin (which is similar to every other streamdeck integration system I've seen - the streamdeck software itself isn't very open, beyond the plugin-architecture, so you can't script changes to what profile is active, etc).

I tend to not use the built-in streamdeck folders, and instead just have a few profiles set up, with 'switch to profile' buttons to navigate between them.

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Thanks again, Mushoo. I'm using the XL mostly to automate DaVinci Resolve, and have been triggering applescripts that are connected to the KM macros. Switching profiles in this case introduces a little too much lag to be useful.