Triggered by any of the following (when Mail is at front):

Sorry for the elementary question. I saw this on a webcast

"Triggered by any of the following (when Mail is at front):"
How do I make a keyboard trigger active only when a specific app is "at front"


One way of doing it (and arguably the best), is simply putting it in a macro group that is active in said application.

To give you an example of how you can do that, you can create a macro group and name it something like “App specific: Mail” or something to that effect. In the macro group options, you can select from the drop down menus, active in these applications: Mail.

This will make it so that macro is only able to be triggered when you are actually in the Mail app. Let us know if you need any more help setting that up or have other questions.

EDIT: Just saw this was your first post…welcome! This is a great community with lots of very helpful members. Do not worry about asking what seem to be elementary questions as we all had to start somewhere. I have not once run across somebody on this forum that was rude, spiteful or insulting, and I’ve been around for about 3 years. So enjoy it here, take a look at the macro library section, make good use of the search feature and ask whatever questions you may have!


Thank you so much!!

You’re welcome, I just finished editing my original reply with a little more info…you were just too fast for me to finish before you responded :laughing:

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