Triggered by Clicking on a link?

Is it possible to trigger a macro by clicking on a link?

For example, I would like to click on a link in my calendar to open a macro that would open an agenda folder on my computer, a website etc.

I think this is agreat question. This is not a solution but my thoughts on this.
I created a simple pages doc with a web address.
Pages knew it was a web address, and gave it the blue underline
I put KM in record mode.
Clicked on the link in Pages and was very disappointed with the "trace"
So any ideas from my colleagues appreciated.

Hi @steve_scott, you only have to insert the URL of your KM macro into the Calendar Event :wink:

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Wow! @appleianer that is a total game changer for me. Thank you!

Then I have something to put on top of your Game Changer @steve_scott :wink:

Please select the macro you want to trigger above the kmtrigger://. Then you start this macro and just press the Section Sign button (⌃) in your calendar event and voilà... the kmtrigger is inserted:

05)kmtrigger::: <3902 200907T012316>.kmmacros (4,2 KB)

If you ever need the KM macro Applescript, it works identically to this macro:

05)UUID AS <9612 200907T014119>.kmmacros (4,3 KB)

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Wow! I had no idea! I usually invoke open a KM palette with the F1 key. The application is such a gem. Thanks for this! Amazing tip.

BTW, the screenshot and gif was very helpful!

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Many thanks :+1:
Since my English is miserable (use an online translator for that), it is better to quickly create a short gif or a few screenshots.
Then my counterpart can see how a macro works.

I use a BetterTouchTool gesture with the trackpad or mouse to open the palettes for 98% of the time.
Saves me a lot of shortcuts, because I only need the AppleScript of the respective macro or macro group :wink:


Ich bin sicher, Ihr Englisch ist weit besser als mein Deutsch - ich kenne ungefähr 10 Wörter! Ich habe den Link zu DeepL in Ihrem Profil gesehen. Ich schätze Ihr Engagement, das, was Sie wissen, mit anderen zu teilen. Ich werde versuchen müssen, das Werkzeug Better Touch zu benutzen. Ich habe es vermieden, aber ich versuche, 1) die Dinge zu beschleunigen und 2) die wiederholte Belastung zu reduzieren.


I'm sure you English is far better than my German-- I know about 10 words! I saw the link to DeepL in your profile. I appreciate your commitment to sharing what you know with others. I'm going to have to try to Better Touch tool. I've been avoiding it, but I'm looking to 1) speed things up and 2) reduce repetitive strain.