Triggering macro from MacOs Shortcut to open specific mailbox

I am not able to execute a macro from MacOs Shortcuts, see below the error. The macro group and macro are active. Does anybody have suggestions?

I can't reproduce your issue. Works fine, here. Can you double check the UUID ?

I did and the copy/ paste looks like this: CC3DC701-DEA7-47B9-BA2C-972AC5F9C67D, which for me is the same.

Keyboard Maestro macro and macro group are active:

I have also checked the Security & Privacy settings of Shortcuts and my app and as well Shortcuts as Keyboard Maestro look to have the right settings.

What I am trying to accomplish is to open a specif Smart Mailbox in through clicking a link in the notes field of Omnifocus. Perhaps there is another way to do this?