Triggers not recognized at mac locked screen

I have remapped the carriage return to a different command (ctrl + space) but this isn't recognized at the mac locked screen -- there is no response to this trigger. Is there a way for the mac lock screen to recognize KM keyboard mappings?

Here's a post from Peter addressing that, to a degree.

@peternlewis : it seems you're best placed to answer this. If the screen is locked, will a KM keyboard command that remaps a the carriage return key be blocked? Can I set my system to allow for these or is there another way around this problem?

Almost certainly.

If the Mac is locked, then you are essentially outside the user environment, so I would not expect Keyboard Maestro to see anything or be able to do much of anything.

I don't think Apple wants apps to be able to intercept keys during the unlock or login process, because that would allow app developers to view the user's password.

Now that I think of it, I think that also could mean that KM's hotkeys probably don't work when macOS is asking the user for his password, even when the user is already fully logged in. I never thought of that until now, so I'm not positive this is true.