Trouble with Quick Macro recording - Variable Calculation not happening

Hi there,

I have set up a macro to simply insert text and increment by one after each time it is called (“01”, “02”, “03”, etc…) and am wanting to use this in conjunction with a Quick Macro workflow, so I can quickly enumerate various things. Currently the “Insert Sequenced Number” macro (triggered by [CNTRL + SHFT + 3]) works just as expected, but when it is triggered from within the Quick Macro the variable calculation to increase the number by one is not happening.

So, as an example, if I record a quick macro of:

[CNTR + F1] f i l e n a m e _ [CNTRL + SHFT + 3] [CNTR + F1]

Every time I hit [OPTN + F1] to trigger that macro, the inserted text/number will always be 01 and will not increment. So it would simply look like


Is there a certain limitation to the Quick Macro workflow that I’m missing here, or should this be able to happen? I have created other ways to enumerate files or groups of things before, but the Quick Macro workflow is ideal for the work that I do inside Pro Tools (audio editing software) and so I am a bit more limited in the methods I can use.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Please post both Macros involved.
It is best to use a Execute a Macro action (KM Wiki) to call/trigger another macro within a macro.

Insert Sequenced Number.kmmacros (1.8 KB)

This is the macro that inserts the text and does the variable calculation. The other macro I didn't think I had access to, as it's created as part of the Quick Record workflow.

Is there a specific way to call the "Execute a Macro" action when using the record/quick record process?

Sorry... here it is.

The Quick Macro is recording the keystrokes you have typed, which in this case is equivalent to "filename_01". It doesn't record the macro you triggered or the Control-Shift-3 hot key. Then it plays back those same keystrokes that were typed the first time.

You can't get variable results our of a Quick Recorded Macro.

You'll need to create a macro for that. You can create a macro, turn on recording, play back to Quick Macro, and then change the "type 01" to Execute Macro "Insert Sequenced Number".

If you commonly want to type "blah blah blah ", then I would suggest you create a macro that prompts for the preceding text and perhaps the starting number, and then another macro that inserts that text and the number and increments the number.