Trouble with SaveToClipping Macro (v9.2)

I'm giving Keyboard Maestro a try (Trial version) and am unable to get one of the first suggested scripts to work completely.

This "Save To Clipping" macro is supposed to copy any highlighted text into a TextEdit document along with time stamps. But when I run it, it doesn't paste the text and show the timestamp in duplicate. When I look at the clipboard history I can see that the text is being copied each time.

What am I missing?

SaveToClipping Macro (v9.2)

SaveToClipping.kmmacros (4.0 KB)

Hi @Tony,

What I think seems to be happening is that you have set up KM to override your 1st Copy with the Long date Paste data. In essence, replacing what's in the memory. Therefore, it's pasting the Date with the insert by pasting action, then it's pasting what's in memory again - which is the LongDate information.

You can do a number of things to make this macro work. For the sake of your situation, you can simply change the Insert text by pasting action to Insert by typing. That will leave your initial Copy (e.g. text) in place. Also, you can add a line break (\n) after your equals separator == to have your addition neatly underneath.

Does that make sense? (Your Open action was fine by the way.)

Another way is to set your 1st copy into a variable to be recalled after your long date.

Either way works.


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@KC thank you for your quick response. I did as you suggested, and it worked perfectly.

However, this makes me wonder if the tutorial has a problem with it since it uses "insert text by pasting", as shown here:

Was I supposed to type it in as I did? I think that's a good way when starting...

Also, I was confused by the part that says "stop macro and notify on failure" -- as I tried to mimic what I saw I couldn't find any way to enter such a line (I tried using the search feature with no success). Since then I've notice that the gear icon to the right for that action has "failure aborts macro". Maybe all this is due to updates -- I wouldn't know.

I like the idea of having tutorials with gradually increasing complexity, and that's why I was going through this step by step. But of course it's confusing if the tutorial doesn't work.

You're quite welcome. Since it worked for you, please select solved under the solution.

Maybe so. I didn't work in the fashion that I tried it but, with my slight modification, it worked fine. You can contact the creator of that macro for additional information on why I didn't operate as expected.

Understood on the confusion of that macro. Keyboard Maestro is an organic learning experience that it worth it in so many ways. Kudos to you for putting in the work to learn.