Trying to automate a Java Eclipse app

I'm trying to automate the Trados Studio termbases (.sdltb) to csv or txt converter downloaded from this site:

I'm having the problem that I can launch the app but after that, any further macro actions are ignored. When I start the app manually, some actions are performed (it stops at the dialogue box where to set the delimiter for synonyms).

I have tried with image click actions and with key emulations.

I embedded an AppleScript to give the app focus, but that doesn't help.

Are there any ways to have these buttons and other items clicked?



Example database: (250.6 KB)

The Java converter app (you can also download it from the site above, I've changed the name): (4.8 MB)

The KM macro:
Test.kmmacros (73.6 KB)

Hey Hans,

(Don't skip watching the vid.)

That's quite a pesky problem you've conjured...ย  :wink:

I suggest you press the developer of the java converter app (gently) to add command line support for .sdltb files as he's done for .sdltm files. A quick look at the code suggests that shouldn't be overly difficult for someone familiar with Java.

Being able to run this from the command line takes an onerous job and makes it relatively simple.

Here is a macro that takes the labor out of the onerous job:

Hans -- Java Converter App -- Test 01.kmmacros (29 KB)

Here's a video that shows what you need to know to run the macro.



Thank you very much, Chris. I'll start studying and testing your macro this weekend.

I'm much obliged!


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Hey Chris, really clear video. One thing I am curious about is what do you use to show the hotkeys being triggered in bottom of the screen? Is that a ScreenFlow feature?

Hey Nikita,

Da. In fact that specific feature is why I bought ScreenFlow v3.0 years ago.

At the time it was the very best available screen recording app that could display user keystrokes (according to my research).

It's up to v8.0 now and still improving.