Trying to drag a Finder Selection, but the whole Finder window moves instead

What am I doing wrong here? I've moved my cursor over a document and I'd like the macro to drag it to a pre-defined location (in a Chrome window). This is very similar to another macro that works fine. The "WorkLoc" image coordinate is defined and works in other macros. It seems to be related to the "Drag" setting.

Move or Click Mouse.kmactions (1.0 KB)

Hey Ray,

It should be impossible for this to happened unless:

A) You've positioned the cursor over a drag-window area, instead of the selection.

B) You have another 3rd party utility that does window drags.

Please post a screenshot of how the Finder window looks with the selection and cursor position.

You might try restarting the Finder just for kicks – Option-Right-Click the Finder icon in the Dock.



Here's a gif showing the screen motion when the above macro is triggered (dragging to second monitor not included in gif).