Trying to migrate to KM from another macro program

So I am a person who had been using a different macro program, but wants to try Keyboard Maestro and make sure it can do what I need it to do. I feel 100% certain it can, but that I'm just having a hard time figuring out how! To give you an example, here is an example of a shortcut I use in a program, in which my trigger is to type Shift-S and the given application will execute the following: press-Delete + press-Space + press 'q'.

How can I get this same thing in KM? I have also attached a screenshot of the closest I've come so far in KM, but it's not working. Is the 'Type a Keystroke' option what I want? I noticed it doesn't appear to acknowledge the SHIFT button, and merely registers a capital S. Anyone have any hints to help out here?

As you guessed, the trigger you're looking for is a hot key, which is similar to the Type a Keystroke action. The trigger you're using now is a typed string, which is a way of executing macros via snippets rather than shortcuts. When set up how you want with a hot key, the finished macro should look like this:

I put two "Type the Space Key" actions instead of one because it looked like you had "Press Space" set to repeat twice in your original macro, and this is the easiest way of doing that, but for future reference, another way of repeating actions is with a Repeat loop, like this:

Good luck with your KM experiment, and feel free to post again if you have any more questions!

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Ah perfect! These look like just the hints I needed. Thanks for the assist, and I’ll let you know how it goes.

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@ewillhelm, to be clear, both hotkeys and typed strings can trigger the same macro. It has nothing to do with the macro contents/actions.

So, if you were using a typed string to trigger the macros in the other macro app, you can use the same typed string in KM.

The key difference between KM hotkeys and KM typed string triggers is that typed string trigger should be used ONLY where you can type in a text area. Otherwise, typing in an app when you are not in a text area could lead to unexpected effects, depending on the app.

For more info, see Triggers (KM Wiki).


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That makes perfect sense! Everything working like a charm here now. Thanks again for the info!

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