Turn off Application Switcher

I've bought Keyboard Maestro to add some smart quickkeys to apps, and would like to try using it, but I prefer the system application switcher (command-tab)... both the layout and the ability to command Q while in the switcher.

Is there a way to turn off the Keyboard Maestro app switcher? Or is there some other reason to use it?

Yes, it is in one of the macros that comes already enabled in KM. Just disable it. I think it’s in the Global Macro Group but I can’t remember off the top of my head.

FWIW however, the KM application switcher also allows you to CMD-Q from within it to quit apps. It has some other features you might like too. Might take a second look at it cus it might end up working well for you.

awesome thank you.... quit wasn't working, but maybe it has a "pause" but in... it was just toggling a red icon.... The multiple rows is hard for my brain to process when I have 10+ apps open... but I'll look at it ... esp if it can get bigger for my old eyes and not have multiple rows...

The quit does not actually happen until you release the hot key which allows you to deselect an app for quit. I find it very useful because sometimes I might hit Q by mistake on an app I don’t actually want to quit.

Also the size is adjustable to make it larger or smaller, and even the color can be customized. It really does have a lot of neat features, most of which I can’t remember cus I customized mine so long ago and left it alone ever since.