Tutorial Video: Customized Actions and Named Clipboards

Hey, Dan – Just wanted to thank you for doing this. Strangely enough, I was sorting out an entirely different clipboard quirk. Your video solved it, 50 seconds in. Thanks again!

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Wiki Videos! Outstanding! Thank you!

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This is no longer working for me in Ventura and I can't seem to paste macros to the clipboard in Keyboard Maestro. Has anyone else found the same?

Hey @skillet,

What are you talking about? What exactly isn't working?


I am not able to copy a macro and then paste it into a clipboard in preferences anymore.

Are you sure?

When I copy a macro on Mojave it doesn't look like I've actually captured a macro...


But when I paste this it does paste as a macro.

Yeah, I just tried it again and it is not working for some reason. Thanks for sending the screenshots and your time.


@peternlewis? Please see post #25 above.

Just tried on on my Ventura system and it's as @skillet describes.

Extra data point: Something is being placed on the named clipboard, but it won't paste in as an action. If you activate a text box, however, it'll paste in as the copied action's "Name" text.

Ignore me -- I was following the video, and didn't read @DanThomas's addendum until after I'd worked out what the problem was. The extra click cured it.


I just tried it, and it worked fine for me, whether I was copying an Action or a Macro, either could be stored in the Named Clipboard in Ventura.

I don't really understand the image you have there, you have selected an action (so Copy will copy the action, not the macro), and by the looks of it you have a different action in the Named Clipboard.

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