Two Questions About Clipboard History Switcher

  1. Sometimes most of the clipboard text is replaced by bullets:


Why does this happen? How can this be avoided?

  1. The Clipboard History Switcher window is always placed ABOVE all other windows. How can it be placed in a normal z-order?

That is this setting in Keyboard Maestro Preferences. Detect (and Conceal) Possible Passwords

You can also option click on an obscured password to reveal it.

No it is always above other windows. But whatever hot key you have set to show it will also hide it (i.e. it toggles it on and off).

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  1. Thanks for the hint about password detection. I have now switched it off because I don't need it.

  2. Is there really no way to NOT place the Clipboard History Switcher window above all other windows? Thinking logically, this should be an OPTION in Preferences.

No. Not that I know of. In fact I think all Keyboard Maestro Palettes, Prompts, Notifications etc float above other windows.

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That depends entirely upon the context.

Don't conflate what you want with what is actually logical in the developer's context.

But by all means – make a strong case – convince Peter that he should spend the time and effort to add the feature you desire.

Keep in mind though that your case must affect hundreds or thousands of other users – not just you – unless of course Peter says "Snap! That's a great idea!"

Be sure to ping him with his username to get his attention when you make your case.

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Don't conflate what you want with what is actually logical in the developer's context.

That's a good point. Although I could actually flip the argument: ...what is logical in my context vs what is logical in the developer's context.

Where can I contact the developer?

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Just ask Peter @peternlewis in your question.

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I can be contacted via the Contact Us link on our web site.

Sometimes I respond here. Sometimes I don't. Response by me on the forum is not guaranteed.

I will always respond to support email (though sadly, email being what it is, not all responses will get through).

In this case, the clipboard history switcher stays floating because it is meant to show the clipboard history the entire time it is open. If you don't want to see it anymore, close it. If you like it closing automatically, ensure the Close After Action button is pressed. It is not meant to be hidden behind other windows.

This is unlikely to change.

Hi Peter, thank you for your message.

I am a registered user of your excellent app for several months now. Please let me explain how I (would like to) use your Clipboard History Switcher: I use two external monitors with my Mac Book Pro. On the main screen, I have two full-screen application windows: An IDE for software development and a web browser. On the secondary screen, I have several (non-full-screen) windows for different purposes: Helper applications for development, Calendar, Reminders, etc. I use the clipboard a lot, so for me, it would be important to have a permanently opened window that shows the clipboard history and automatically shows the last item copied to the clipboard at the top of the list. For this purpose, the Clipboard History Switcher is ideal - so I want to have the Clipboard History Switcher window permanently open with the top part of the window not covered by other windows. But unfortunately, this is not possible as the Clipboard History Switcher window is always on top of all other windows. So for me, it would be useful to have an option in Preferences where I could make the Clipboard History Switcher window not stay on top (and thus cover other windows).

So why not make the Clipboard History Switcher small. You want it to always be visible, you just want to only see the first entry, so make the window small and in a fixed location.

Use AppleScript to adjust the size and location of the window, something like:

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