Type passwords

Thank you for any help with this ? I have created a typed string trigger to enter a password for a site online; it works in word, excel, etc but not in chrome or safari.

do these browsers block that ability? is there another macro that would work?


Whilst it is better to use something like 1Password, a workaround is to select the input field and then trigger the macro from the Status Menu. The macro consist of whatever you want typed there.

thank you! that seems to be working (only just tested it once); so curious; why would it work by using the status menu trigger but not simply a typing trigger?

I believe it is in the HTML that the input field is protected in some way. I only have about three web pages that i need to this. It works.

In a password field, the system is in Secure Input Mode. In this mode, applications (quite rightly) cannot see your keyboard or typing. So Typed String triggers will not work. Also, in a password field, because Keyboard Maestro cannot see your keyboard, it cannot see what keys are pressed, so it cannot simulate a release keystroke if required. This happens for example if you had a hot key of Control-h, and typed β€œhealth” in to a password field. When Keyboard Maestro goes to type the β€œh”, it looks at the keyboard, but cannot see that the β€œh” is already pressed (from you holding the β€œh” key down), so it does not know it has to release the β€œh” key first. So it simulates a β€œh” press, which the system ignored, and then the β€œh” release, and carries on, resulting in a password of β€œealth”.

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